Saturday May 27, 2019 at Duke University

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"Moving Up" presented by BAND is an all-day conference on leadership communication and culture!  It will feature a diverse and accomplished lineup of speakers - leaders in the world of sports and entertainment - who will share their philosophies and experiences specific to their field.  All of the "Moving Up" speakers have one thing in common; they have displayed amazing leadership and understanding while maximizing their athletes, actors and staff.  

The "Moving Up" audience will learn from these individuals how to develop in a way that will energize and motivate them to take action and create better results.  Audience will participate in engaging question and answer sessions, and they will leave with actionable exercises to enhance their team, regardless of sport or profession.  Attendees will also gain insight thought processes of these leaders, and they will learn how successful leaders frame and process communication that allows continues success.


Why Moving Up?


Listen and take in powerful information from leaders and action takers in their field.

Participate in conversations and engage with professionals that will tap into your very own "growth mindset".

Learn new strategies that will enhance how you lead and live. 

Build relationships with some of the more successful people in coaching and entertainment.



Just a few places where "MovingUp" participants came from!

Attending Moving Up was an unbelievable & unique experience!
— Marque Carrington, Assistant Coach, NC A&T
Moving Up allowed me to build relationships and pick up some valuable nuggets!
— Teonna Jewell, DOBO, Youngstown State
Moving Up was fantastic! The advice, experiences and views on leadership & communication was really valuable!
— Neil Harrow, Assistant Coach, Troy University
Flying across the country to attend Moving Up was absolutely worth it! I came away with more useful information than any conference I’ve attended!
— Joey Wellman, Assistant Coach, Cal Baptist